Gas plants (inspection permit) – Authorisation to inspect gas-powered heating plants and other gas plants

General information

With the assignment of a general inspector number, applicants are authorised for the recurring inspection and acceptance of gas-powered heating plants and other gas plants.

Newly constructed gas-powered heating plants or those which have been modified in a major wat must be reviewed before initial commissioning by a person entitled to do an inspection (acceptance check). Thereafter - following the fuel heat capacity of the firing system in different intervals - recurring inspections occur which must also be performed by persons authorised to perform inspections.

The general inspector number alone does not constitute an entitlement to inspect or accept gas-powered firing systems and other gas plants. The persons authorised to perform inspections must exclusively use an inspection body (gas body) for inspection (and for inspection). These are natural persons which have an individual inspector number (cf. basic information on: gas plants (inspection permit) – authorisation for the recurring inspection of gas-powered heating plants and other gas plants or gas plants (inspection permit) – authorisation to accept liquid gas-powered heating plants and other gas plants (inspection permit) – permit for the inspection and recurring inspection of biogas plants).


A general inspector number will be assigned to trustworthy persons upon application who meet one of the following prerequisites:

  1. Accredited inspection and/or monitoring points of the relevant specialised area
  2. Civil engineers of the relevant specialised area
  3. Tradespeople who are entitled to operate firing plants as part of their trade for
    1. Production and/or
    2. Construction and/or
    3. Modification and/or
    4. Inspection and service

This person must also prove that he or she has the required measurement devices and equipment.

The following documents are to be enclosed with an application:

  • Proof of proper accreditation, permit as a civil engineer or permit to practice a trade
  • Proof of permit to possess the required measurement devices, these are a gas testing machine and an exhaust metre (e.g. invoices,  bills of sale, leasing agreements)
  • Conformity statement by the manufacturer or expert report by a certified testing entity that the testing device of group 4 – gas concentration metre to determine leaks in interior installation lines or freely-laid line segments which meets the Austrian Association for Gas and Water Directive (ÖVGW) G 103 “Gas Sensor Devices" – February 2001 Edition.
  • Conformity statement by the manufacturer or expert’s report of a certified testing entity that the exhaust gas metre is an electronic exhaust gas analysis device

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