Chartered Engineering Consultants (EU/EEA Countries/Switzerland) - Establishment


  • Request:
    • EUR 47.30 federal fee
    • attachment: EUR 3.90 per sheet
  • Official decision:
    • EUR 83.60 federal fee
    • EUR 98 federal administrative levy


No special deadlines need to be observed.

General information

Nationals from the EU, the EEA or the Swiss Confederation may be licensed to work as chartered engineering consultants under the right of establishment.

Legal basis

Sections 4, 10, 32 paragraph 4 of the Ziviltechnikergesetz 2019 (ZTG 2019)


Equivalence of the indicated professional training to qualify for work under the Ziviltechnikergesetz 2019 (ZTG 2019), as well as absence of grounds for disqualification such as: lack of legal capacity, salaried employment in the public sector, bankruptcy or lack of reliability.


The request may be submitted personally, in writing or by e-mail to the competent authority.

Required documents

  • Proof of nationality;
  • Certificate of qualification of the home member state which entitles the party concerned to take up work as a free-lance chartered engineering consultant;
  • Certificates of the competent authority of the home member state (no more than three months old) stating that the requesting party
    • is reliable;
    • has not been declared bankrupt;
    • complies with the code of conduct of his/her profession.

Responsible department

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