Business situation Business takeover

Energy industry
Combustion plants – notification of installation and operation of combustion systems for solid and liquid fuel with a minimum fuel heating power of 50 kW or a storage capacity of more than 5.000 l of liquid fuel
Combustion plants – permit for installation and operation of combustion plants for gaseous fuel
Combustion plants (entitlement of inspection) – Authorization of inspection of combustion plantss for solid and liquid fuel
Electric wiring systems (high voltage current) – permit for implementation of preliminary works for the installation and startup of electric wiring systems
Gas plants – permit for the installation and operation of sundry gas plants for the production or storage of gas
Gas plants (inspection permit) – Authorisation to inspect gas-powered heating plants and other gas plants
Accreditation process for conformity assessment units
Accreditation process for experts
Accreditation process for inspection authorities of steam boiler plants
Alarm systems - nomination of staff
Appointment Manager Pursuant to Trade Law
Business - notification of heir and/or successor running a business
Changes of Name
Chartered Engineering Consultants (EU/EEA Countries/Switzerland) - Establishment
Chartered Engineering Consultant's ID Card
EU/EEA Professional Qualifications – Equivalence Procedure
EU/EEA Professional Qualifications – Recognition Procedure
Exemptions from Protection Rules
ID Cards for Specific Occupations
Management Accountancy Professions - Reported Change
Managing director, business - nomination - exception
Measurement and Verification - Operation of a Public Scale
Measurement and Verification - Protection Mark
Professional qualifications from other EU/EEA member states
Recognition Individual Professional Competence
Trade - Succession in Title - Re-establishment
Trade facilities – simplified approval procedure
Trade facilities – standard approval procedure
Trade Licence - Surrender
Trade Registration
Verification Body - Authorisation
Waiver of Ineligibility to Carry on a Trade
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