Procedures alphabetically

Here you can find all procedures and regulated professions in alphabetical order.
Accordance certificates for building products – authorization of exhibition
Accreditation as testing and supervision centre for building products
Accreditation process for conformity assessment units
Accreditation process for experts
Accreditation process for inspection authorities of steam boiler plants
Advertising institutions beyond certain areas – prohibition of construction and operation
Alarm systems - nomination of staff
alteration tailor
Anaesthetic nursing - Sensitive Profession
animal shoeing
Annual Waste Management Sheet – Records
Antenna installations with more than three meters in height, including a possible antenna mast – attachment or construction – building permit
Antenna installations with more than three meters in height, including a possible antenna mast – attachment or construction - notification
Appointment Manager Pursuant to Trade Law
Architects (EU/EEA Countries/Switzerland) - Establishment
Architects (EU/EEA Countries/Switzerland) - Service Providers
assembly of furniture kits
Assistant Nurses
Assistant Nurses - Qualifications - Recognition
Assistent prosector
Authorisation of Collection and Recovery Systems
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Battery - Notification
bicycle technology
Biomedical analysts - Sensitive Profession
blasting contractor - Sensitive Profession
boat builder
brass instrument maker
Building in grassland – notification to the Authority for Nature Conservancy
Business - notification of heir and/or successor running a business
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cabinet maker
Canyoning guide - Sensitive Profession
Canyoning Guide (m/f) – Emission of Authorisation Certificate
car body construction and painting technician
car glass services
Care professional assistant
Caregiver in an after-school care centre in Lower Austria - Professional recognition procedure
Catering Business - Change in the Type of Business Activity
Catering Trade - Changes of Opening and Closing Hours
Catering Trade - Derogating Measures - Minimum equipment
Cave guide - appointment
Cave guide exam
cemetery gardening
Certified social worker with focus on accompanying of persons with disabilities
Certified social worker with focus on working with elderly
Certified social worker with focus on working with families
Certified social worker with focus on working with persons with disabilities
Changes of Name
Chartered Accountancy Professions (EU/EEA Countries/Switzerland) - Service Providers
Chartered Accountants - Appointment of Natural Persons
Chartered Accountants - Appointment of Substitutes
Chartered Accountants - Beginning of Chamber Membership
Chartered Accountants - Branch Office
Chartered Accountants – Examination – Decision on Admission
Chartered Accountants - Examination - Exemption from Requirements
Chartered Accountants – Examination – Request for Admission
Chartered Accountants - Office Continuity
Chartered Accountants - Recognition of Firms
Chartered Accountants - Registration with the Chamber
Chartered Accountants - Suspension
Chartered Accountants – Termination of Voluntary Suspension
Chartered Accountants – Trainee Accountants – Registration
Chartered Accountants – Trainee Accountants – Reported Change
Chartered Accountants - Variable Contribution Rates - Assessment
Chartered Accountants - Variable Contribution Rates - Estimate
Chartered Accountants - Voluntary Suspension of Licence
Chartered Engineering Consultants – License for Firms
Chartered Engineering Consultants - License for Natural Persons
Chartered Engineering Consultants – Revival of Licence
Chartered Engineering Consultants – Suspension of Licence due to Employment Relationship
Chartered Engineering Consultants – Transfer of Office
Chartered Engineering Consultants – Voluntary Suspension of Licence
Chartered Engineering Consultants - Waiver of Licence
Chartered Engineering Consultants (EU/EEA Countries/Switzerland) - Establishment
Chartered Engineering Consultants (EU/EEA Countries/Switzerland) - Service Providers
Chartered Engineering Consultant's ID Card
chemical laboratories - Sensitive Profession
chemist - Sensitive Profession
Child carer
Childminders - permit
chimney sweep - Sensitive Profession
cleaning of monuments facades and buildings
cleaning of upholstered furniture and loose carpets
Closure of a Branch Office
Collecting minerals and fossils – permit by nature conservation authority
Collection and Treatment of Waste - Permit
Combustion plants – notification of installation and operation of combustion systems for solid and liquid fuel with a minimum fuel heating power of 50 kW or a storage capacity of more than 5.000 l of liquid fuel
Combustion plants – permit for installation and operation of combustion plants for gaseous fuel
Combustion plants (entitlement of inspection) – Authorization of inspection of combustion plantss for solid and liquid fuel
communications electronics
Compost Processing - Records
Compost Production - Notification
Compost Production/Import - Records
concrete drilling and cutting
consulting engineers - Sensitive Profession
contact lens optician - Sensitive Profession
cosmetics (beauty care) - Sensitive Profession
Crèches, kindergartens and nurseries – Permit of building plan and operation
cutlery grinding
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dairy technology
Dancing school – giving dancing lessons - notification
Dancing school – Relocation of a dancong school and modification of premises - notification
Dancing school – Transition of entitlement - notification
Day care facility caregiver
debt-collecting institutes
decalcification of boilers
Dental Assistance
Dental Assistance - Qualifications - Recognition
Dental Practitioners
Dental Practitioners - Declaration of Temporary Services
Dental Practitioners - Qualifications - Recognition
dental technician - Sensitive Profession
Departure Managing Director under Trade Law
Desinfection assistant
Dieticians - Sensitive Profession
Disposal of Radioactive Material and Radioactive Waste
Doctor´s surgery assistant
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Early support and early vision stimulation intervention
Educational Specialist in Childcare Facilities – Diploma recognition
Educator at day nurseries and boarding schools
EEA Certificates - Issue
EIA - Declaratory Proceedings
EIA - Preliminary Procedure
EIA - Procedure
EIA - Simplified Procedure
Electric wiring systems – permit for installation and startup
Electric wiring systems (high voltage current) – permit for implementation of preliminary works for the installation and startup of electric wiring systems
electrical engineering - Sensitive Profession
employment agencies
End-of-life Vehicles - Notification
Establishment of a Branch Office
Establishment of a Landfill
EU/EEA Professional Qualifications – Equivalence Procedure
EU/EEA Professional Qualifications – Recognition Procedure
Events – compulsory registration
Events – duty of notification (district administration authority)
Events – duty of notification (Land government)
Events – duty of notification (municipality)
Examination for Chartered Engineering Consultants
Examination for Commercial Accountants
Examination for Management Accountants
Examination for Payroll Accountants
Exceptional permit for transportation and sale of protected animals and plants
Exemptions from Protection Rules
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Facilities - Alteration
First-/Second-level Emergency Medical Technicians
First-/Second-level Emergency Medical Technicians - Recognition
Fishing water – Permit of share
flooring installer
foot care - Sensitive Profession
Forest Assistant – Qualifications - Recognition
Forest Assistant - Sensitive Profession
Forest Engineer - Qualifications - Recognition
Forest Engineer - Sensitive Profession
Forest Warden
Forest Warden - Qualifications - Recognition
Forester - Qualifications - Recognition
Forester - Sensitive Profession
forwarding agent including shipping agents
Functional or graduated social care 'BB', personal assistance, early orthoptical intervention and peer-consulting service – notification of professionalism
Funeral facilities (cemeteries, urn-graveyards, crematories) – conveyance of property
Funeral facilities (cemeteries, urn-graveyards, crematories) – permit of discontinuation
Funeral facilities (cemeteries, urn-graveyards, crematories) – permit of installation
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gas and sanitary engineering - Sensitive Profession
Gas plants – permit for the installation and operation of sundry gas plants for the production or storage of gas
Gas plants (inspection permit) – Authorisation to inspect gas-powered heating plants and other gas plants
General practitioner
glass-blowing and manufacture of glass apparatus
glazier glass-facing work and plate-glass polishing - Sensitive Profession
gold and silversmith
gold plater and decorator
gold/silver/metal beater
grain miller
gunmaker (gunsmith) including trade in arms - Sensitive Profession
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hair dresser and wig maker (stylist)
Handling of Radiation Sources Subject to Authorisation
harmonica maker
Hazardous Waste – Declassification
Hazardous Waste – Drawing up of a Waybill
Hazardous Waste - Waste Manager
Hazardous Waste – Waybill Notification
Healthcare Psychologist - Sensitive Profession
Healthcare Psychologists/Clinical Psychologists - Recognition
Healthcare/Clinical Psychologists - Temporary Services
Healthcare/Clinical Psychologists - Temporary Services - Sensitive Profession
hearing-aid acoustics - Sensitive Profession
heating engineering
Hiking and snowshoeing guide - issuance of the qualification certificate
Hiking guide - Sensitive Profession
Home assistant
Home help service
Hospital Hygiene - Sensitive Profession
hospitality industry
house painter
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ID Cards for Specific Occupations
Inspector of elevators – Application for inclusion into the register of the federal state government
installation of radios telephones and alarm systems in motor vehicles
Installation or substantial modification of hot dog stands or fried fish stands and similar selling devices on public circulation areas as well as of touristic information counters, toilet systems and similar devices for public circulation service
insurance intermediary (insurance agent, insurance broker and adviser providing insurance advice)
Intensive care - Sensitive Profession
Intensive paediatric care - Sensitive Profession
IPPC plant – Land-law regulated permit for the installation, operation and substantial modification of an IPPC plant
IPPC Treatment Plants - Closure
IPPC Treatment Plants - Control and Updating of the Authorisation
IPPC Treatment Plants - Special Notification Requirements
IPPC-Treatment Plants - Approval Procedures
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Junior Forest Official - - Sensitive Profession
Junior Forest Official - Qualifications - Recognition
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key-cutter using copy milling machines
Kindergarten teacher - Sensitive Profession
Kindergartens or nurseries – Notification of installation
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Laboratory assistant
labour leasing
Landfill Notification
life and social coaching - Sensitive Profession
Lift inspector - Appointment
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maintenance and testing of hand fire extinguishers
maker of men’s clothing
maker of women’s clothing
Management Accountancy Professions - Appointment of Natural Persons
Management Accountancy Professions - Branch Office
Management Accountancy Professions - Exemption from the Examination
Management Accountancy Professions - Recognition of Firms
Management Accountancy Professions - Reported Change
Management Accountancy Professions - Suspension
Management Accountancy Professions - Termination of Voluntary Suspension
Management Accountancy Professions - Voluntary Suspension of Licence
Management Accountancy Professions - Waiver of Licence
Management Accountancy Professions (EU/EEA Countries/Switzerland) - Service Providers
Managing director, business - nomination - exception
manufacture of belts and straps as well as repair of leather goods and bags
manufacture of cardboard goods
manufacture of clothing and linen
manufacture of cosmetic products - Sensitive Profession
manufacture of leather fashion accessories and bag making
manufacture of pyrotechnic articles as well as trading in pyrotechnic articles (pyrotechnic companies) - Sensitive Profession
manufacture of wallets cases and boxes
massage - Sensitive Profession
master builder - Sensitive Profession
master stone mason including artificial stone and terrazzo maker - Sensitive Profession
master well builder
master woodbuilder - Sensitive Profession
Measurement and Verification - Operation of a Public Scale
Measurement and Verification - Protection Mark
mechatronics technician specialising in electrical engineering and automation
mechatronics technician specialising in electronic office and EDP systems technology
mechatronics technician specialising in mechanical and production engineering
mechatronics technician specialising in medical device technology
Medical Assistant Professions - Qualifications - Recognition
Medical Doctors - Declaration of Temporary Services
Medical Doctors - Qualifications - Recognition
Medical Masseur - Sensitive Profession
Medical Masseurs/Therapeutic Masseurs - Recognition
metal design
metal technology worker specialising in agricultural machinery and construction machinery
metal technology worker specialising in forging and vehicle construction
metal technology worker specialising in metal and mechanical engineering
Midwives - Declaration of Temporary Services
Midwives - Qualifications - Recognition
Mining Activities – Visitation
Mobile Waste Treatment Facilities – Authorisation Procedure
Mobile Waste Treatment Facilities – Compulsory Self-Check
Money Laundering - Reporting by Trade Professionals
Mortuary (Morgue) – Permit of installation
Mountain and ski guide
Mountain and ski guide issuance of the qualification certificate
Mountain and ski guides – Issue of qualification certificate
Mountain guide - Sensitive Profession
Music Therapist - Sensitive Profession
Music Therapists - Declaration of Temporary Services
Music Therapists - Qualifications - Recognition
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nail modelling (nail salon)
Notification of services
Notification of the Annual Waste Balance
Nurse Responsible for General Care
Nurses Responsible for General Care - Recognition
Nursing Care - hospice and palliative care
Nursing Care - Managerial tasks - Sensitive Profession
Nursing Care - psychogeriatric nursing
Nursing Care - Specialisation - Recognition
Nursing Care - Teaching Tasks - Sensitive Profession
Nursing Care - wound management and stoma care
Nursing people with disabilities on a specialised level and graduate level
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Occupational therapists - Sensitive Profession
Operating theatre assistant
Operation of a betting office - permit
Operation of a brothel - Permit
Operation of a peep show - Permit
Operation of an authorized educational institution
Operational building – New, additional or re-construction
ophtalmic optics - Sensitive Profession
organ maker
orthopaedic shoemaker - Sensitive Profession
orthopaedic technology
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Packaging - Notification
Paediatric nursing - Sensitive Profession
paperhanger and upholsterer
pastry chef (confectioner) including gingerbread bakers and candied fruit ice cream and chocolates makers
paviour and tiler
Peer counselling
Permit to run a skiing school – right to continued operations
Personal assistance
pest control - Sensitive Profession
Pharmacists - Declaration of Temporary Services
Pharmacists - Qualifications - Recognition
Physical Control and Medical Surveillance of Exposed Workers
Physiotherapists - Qualifications - Recognition
Physiotherapists - Sensitive Profession
piano maker
plasterer and drywall fitter
Plastering assistant
plastics processing
polishing and shaping of hollow glass
printer and platemaker
Private agricultural and forestry school - duty of disclosure of the management of a private agricultural and forestry school according to the Upper Austrian Agricultural and Forestry Education Law
producer and wholesaler of pharmaceuticals and poisons - Sensitive Profession
production and preparation as well as renting of medical devices to the extent these activities do not fall under a different regulated business or trade and trading in and renting of medical devices - Sensitive Profession
production of ginger bread and of candied and dipped fruit
production of ice cream
professional financial advice
Professional qualifications from other EU/EEA member states
Project with economic reference in grassland, lake shore and watercourse areas – permit by nature conservation authority
Proof of origin for plants, mushrooms and animals of protected species and for minerals or fossils
prothetists and orthotists - Sensitive Profession
Psychiatric nursing - Sensitive Profession
Psychotherapist - Sensitive Profession
Psychotherapists - Declaration of Temporary Services
Psychotherapists - Qualifications - Recognition
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Qualified Cardio-Technicians/Perfusionist - - Sensitive Profession
Qualified Cardio-Technicians/Perfusionists - Recognition
Qualified Nursing Care – Declaration of Services
Qualified social worker with focus on accompanying persons with disabilities
Qualified social worker with focus on working with persons with disabilities
Qualified social worker with focus on working with the elderly
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Radiation Protection in Natural Radiation Sources
Radiation Protection Registers
Radiological technologists - Sensitive Profession
Radiology assistant
real estate agent
real estate trustee (real estate agent, real estate manager, building project organiser)
Recognition Individual Professional Competence
Record-keeping Requirements
refrigeration and air-conditioning
Renal nursing - Sensitive Profession
repair of motor vehicles - Sensitive Profession
road/street works operative
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saddler including coach trimming and harness making
safety centre
safety representative
Seasonal kindergarten – notification and installation
securities broker
security sector (private investigator, security guard) - Sensitive Profession
sewing machine technology
Shipment of Radioactive Material
shoe repair
Show caves - permit by nature conservation authority
Ski guide - Sensitive Profession
Skiing instruction – expiry of warrant
Skiing instruction – issuance of warrant
Skiing instructor - Sensitive Profession
Slot machines at public sites – notification of alteration
Slot machines at public sites – notification regarding installation
Social assistance - graduate level with a focus on family work
Social assistance graduate level with a focus on working with the elderly
Social assistance specialised level with a focus on working with the elderly
social assistant graduated
social assistant specialised
Social Professions - Authorised Educational Institution – Approval for Operation
Solid waste management – disposal of imported waste in Upper Austria
Special Allied Healthcare Professions - Declaration of Services
Special Allied Heathcare Professions - Recognition
Special types and pilot projects according to the Child Care Law
Specialised doctor
Specialised socio educational assistant recognition of the professional title
Special-needs kindergarten educator - Sensitive Profession
Speech therapists - Sensitive Profession
Sport climbing guide - issuance of the qualification certificate
Sport Climbing Instructor – Issuing the Permit
Sports instruction – issuance of warrant in a particular kind of sport
Stabilisations of surfaces (more than 1000 m2) causing a sealing of the soil – building notification
Stationary Waste Treatment Facilities – Authorisation
Stationary Waste Treatment Facilities – Simplified Authorisation Procedure
Stationary/Mobile Waste Treatment Facilities – Notification
Storing flammable liquids– Notification of establishment and operation of storage facilities for flammable liquids
stove fitter - Sensitive Profession
string instrument maker
Supporting people with disabilities on a specialised level and gratuate level
surface technology
Surgical nursing - Sensitive Profession
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tailor for leather clothing
Teachers at Academic Secondary Schools
Teachers at Academic Secondary Schools - Recognition
Teachers at General Compulsory Schools
Teachers at General Compulsory Schools - Recognition
Teachers at Part-time Vocational Schools
Teachers at Part-time Vocational Schools - Recognition
Teachers at VET Schools and Colleges
Teachers at VET Schools and Colleges - Recognition
Termination of liquidation
textile cleaner (dry cleaner launderer and ironer)
Therapeutic Masseur - Sensitive Profession
Therapeutic Masseurs - Declaration of Temporary Services
thermal acoustic and fire insulation
Tour events - permit
tourist guide
Trade - Succession in Title - Continued Operation
Trade - Succession in Title - Re-establishment
Trade facilities – simplified approval procedure
Trade facilities – standard approval procedure
Trade Licence - Surrender
Trade Registration
Transfer of corpses - Permit
Transportation and sale of protected animals and plants – permit by the Authority for Nature Conservancy
travel agencies
tyre vulcaniser/repairer
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undertaking business - Sensitive Profession
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ventilation technician
Venue – permit (district administration authority)
Venue – permit (Land government)
Venue – permit (municipality)
Venue – permit of alteration (district administration authority)
Venue - permit of alteration (Land government)
Venue - permit of alteration (municipality)
Verification Body - Authorisation
Veterinary practitioner - identification card - receipt
Veterinary practitioner - list of veterinary practitioners - entry
Veterinary practitioner - surgery - opening
Veterinary practitioner - transborder veterinary practice
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Waiver of Ineligibility to Carry on a Trade
Warrant for skiing instruction
Waste Collection/Waste Treatment - Master Data Registration
Waste Electrical Equipment - Notification
Waste Management Plan – Preparation
Waste Manager – Appointment
Waste Shipment - Transboundary
Waste Treatment Facilities – General Authorisation
Waste Treatment Plants - Change of Owner
Windmills that are not subject to permitting processes according to the Oö. Elektrizitätswirtschafts- und Organisationsgesetz 2006 - Building Notification (Oö. Bauordnung 1994)
wood turner
wood-wind instrument maker
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